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Company profile

Shanghai Hi-expo Int’l Logistics Co. Ltd. is a first-class international freight forwarder authorized by the China Ministry of Commerce. We are specialized in the following business:

I. Transportation of International Exhibits
Showfreight forwarding is our main business. As a professional showfreight forwarder, our company is handling exhibit transportation from China to Germany, the USA, the UK, France, Italy, Czech, Russia, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Chile, the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, etc. over 30 countries. Besides, we’ve also handled showfreight for govenmental expositions organized by the China Ministry of Commerce, such as “CHINA BRAND SHOW” in the UK, “CHINA TRADE FAIR” in India, “CHINA COMMODITY SHOW” in Suriname.

Our operators all have years of experience, strong responsiblilty, and wide knowledge of special stipulations to international exhibits transportation. Our company has an appropriative warehouse where manpower and machinepower sort out cargoes, stick shipping marks, packing/palletizing and so on.

As a professional showfreight forwarder, we’ve obtained long-term suport and trust from organizers and exhibitors. Every year we serve for thousands of Chinese exhibitors and our service is so outstanding that a number of famous overseas exhibition companies like Frankfurt Fairs Ltd., Hannover Fairs Ltd., Koeln Fairs Ltd. often appoint us as the sole forwarder.

We have a very professional agent network over the world and keep long-time and close co-operation with each foreign agent.

We know very well the particularity, the speciality and the importance of showfreight forwarding through years of operation. Our company will assure you of punctual, sound and correct delivery.

Welcome to contact us, we shall serve you wholeheartedly.

II. Transportation of Artworks and Cultural Relics
As a professional forwarder, our staff in these years have successfully arranged special transportation of artworks and cultural relics for the Palace Museum, Shan’xi Museum, Shanghai Museum and other cultural units. We’ve received complimentary reviews because of perfect service by handling“SILK ROAD”, “BROZE STATUE”, “MORDEN SHANGHAI” etc. large-sized expositions.

We also commit ourselves to help Chinese artists expand overseas market, hold artshows abroad and deliver artworks in well-known galleries.

Welcome to contact us, we shall provide you an excellent and overall service .

III. Transportation of Imports and Exports
We also undertake seafreight, airfreight and overland freight of general trade goods, which includes sales, warehousing, container loading, trucking, vessel booking, transferring, insurance, customs declaration, inspection declaration, making up documents, B/L issuance, packing consultancy, etc.

We have kept good co-operation with different shipping lines, then we are able to gain advantageous price to lower client’s cost. Besides, our relationship with customs and inspection bureau is also fine. Furthermore, we have our own container truckteam and container warehouse. All above enable us to supply you a good quality and complete service.

Shanghai Hi-expo is your best choice, welcome to contact us.

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